Photographs that whisper secrets only the heart knows.

Albm photography. the only thing missing is u.

A family photographer based in Toronto.

the GTA: Mississauga, Etobicoke, Thornhill, New Market and more

Hi there! I'm Katherine Woroniecka, a proud mom of two beautiful girls who are my greatest inspiration. My journey into photography began many years ago when film and dark rooms were still a thing! As a child, I was honoured to receive awards for my landscape photography, a testament to my dedication and skill. But my journey into Family Photography started with the arrival of my first child, igniting a passion that has only grown stronger over the years.

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Life is made of thousands of fleeting moments. Most of which we are too busy to soak in.

Tiny faces beaming with big smiles, little feet taking big steps, sticky hands reaching out to hold yours. For me, photography is more than just taking pretty pictures, it's about capturing the lost moments that stirred our hearts - the overwhelming love, the tear jerking joy, the heartaches. As the years pass, and time marches on, I hope your photographs become portals to the past emotions you felt when cradling your child, planting a kiss on their cheek, and holding their tiny feet in your hands.